15 Shade Contour Palette with Sponge and Applicator Brush

Batlady 15 Shade Contour Palette With Sponge And Applicator Brush

20.99 USD

 Exclusive long lasting formula, can keep perfect makeup for a very long time 3

 Is often utilized as eye foundation, make eye shadow color is much more durable four

 Specifications Case Material Plastic Case Color Black Concealer fifteen Color Concealer Size 15

 Vitamin E and C antioxidants, useful from free radical damage to the epidermis, avoid early skin aging five

 Upon ophthalmic testing, doesn't aggravate the eyes 6

 3cm fifteen color concealer brush suit with puff Golden 1

 Smooth surface, natural color, is modified dark circles, facial lines, make eyes of God, it can be used to modify face spots, improve fine lines and wrinkles two

 Opposition and through the epidermis hypersensitivity test

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