24K Gold Collagen Liquid Oil Face Cream

Fenam 24k Gold Collagen Liquid Oil Face Cream

30.64 USD

 Gold contact to the skin is going to release human interaction, positive ions, or negative ions, to promote blood circulation among ions of the organization, creating brand new power, in order to fix blood circulation, accelerate skin Ingredients 24K active gold, ginseng extract, collagen, jojoba oil, etc Efficacy For neck lines, other and dry issues, the powerful 24K active gold revitalizing ability, can promote metabolism, anti aging, hydrating heal fine lines, sleek firm skin, good skin, skin recreate the glory Usage After completing your cleaning regimen apply some moisturizing lotion or cream to the finger pads of yours, lightly rub in concert to warm it and use on the face as well as neck in outward and upward movements

 To be hydrating dairy on the face to stay a couple of mins later, you are able to touch the face with tissues, soaking up excess emulsion, to improve the shiny phenomenon Package Contents

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