Inked Doll Cosmetics "candy-coated Dreamz" Pressed Glitter Palette

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 Brand NEW to Inked Doll Cosmetics!! An EXCITING Kool line of METALLIC IRIDESCENT PRESSED GLITTERS themed Donut Kill the Vibe of mine to ensure- Positive Many Meanings - - Positive Many Meanings- every compilation color is going to be a Sweet, Fun name inspired by donuts or tasty treats! These Pressed Glitters are a dream to work with! No glue, no mess, No primer! They just glide on and are just as sparkly as our loose glitters! twenty four hr wear! Waterproof! Foolproof! Huge Time Saver! The Metallic Pressed Glitters are produced with extremely high quality have a metal mirror like appearance that bounces light for a huge glowing effect! The gorgeous Iridescent Pressed Glitters action as fairy dust as well as sparkle with changing styles! Iridescent glitters offer beautiful multi color effects on a clear flake The Iridescent and metallic pressed glitters are accredited by the FDA to be safe on the skin

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