CLAVUZ 1g/Box Laser Holographic Nail Powder Rainbow Chrome Nail Powder

Opseacang Clavuz 1g, Box Laser Holographic Nail Powder Rainbow Chrome Nail Powder

15.95 USD

 Use a slim layer of base layer and cure wiht UV lamp for two minutes or LED lamp for 30 60 seconds

 Please just dry, a bit tacky toenail Holographic Laser Glitter Powder Rainbow Chrome

 So you must discover the best time for you, my lamp need thirty seconds, if cured long time, the powder won't stay on the nails of yours, when short time, the fingernails is tacky, for this reason the effect willbe messy

 Must be very very thin powder in case you want to find out the background color

 Use first level of color gel and solution with UV lamp

 But different lamp watts, maybe different time

 About this item Brand CLAVUZ Material Mirror Powder Package 1g x Holographic Laser Chrome Powder 1pc x Sponge Stick 1pc x Base Coat 1pc x No Wipe Coat Warm Tips effect is decided by the time

 Glitter nail powder is going to have you obtain the magic Laser impact

 This stuff only functions with no CLEAN TOP COAT

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