CLAVUZ Gel Nail Polish Set Pink Color Collections Top and Base Coat Nail

Opseacang Clavuz Gel Nail Polish Set Pink Color Collections Top And Base Coat Nail

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 7 Enjoy your fourteen day manicure! How to remove Step one Soak cotton pad with acetone Step two Wrap around each nail with tin foil depart for approx

 2 Apply base layer, solution with UV light for two mins, LED light for 30 60 secs

 6 Wipe fingernails with rubbing alcohol cleanser to remove residue NO

 --Apply Third layer when needed

 Ten minutes, check if ready when not leave a couple of mins more Step three Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel CLAVUZ Gel Nail Polish Basic Manicure Tools Set Come with Base and top Coat and LED Lamp Affordable Cost Effective Long Lasting over weeks Cure with UV or LED Light

 3 Apply color in a thin application - cure

Brand: Opseacang, buy opseacang