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BaborAmpoule Concentrates SOS Stop Stress (Calming + Balancing) - For Stressed & Sensitive Skin 7x2ml/0.06oz

Baborampoule Concentrates Sos Stop Stress , For Stressed & Sensitive Skin 7x2ml, 0.06oz

50.00 USD
A soothing energetic concentrate for stressed sensitive skinContains Wild Indigo Extract to minimize stress induced redness...

BaborDoctor Babor Refine Cellular 3D Cellulite Lotion 200ml/6.7oz

Babordoctor Babor Refine Cellular 3d Cellulite Lotion 200ml, 6.7oz

73.00 USD
A firming anti cellulite body lotionPowered by an innovative energetic complex of Hexapeptide 39, CaffeineHelps and Forskolin reduce...

BaborSkinovage PX Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel 20ml/0.68oz

Baborskinovage Px Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel 20ml, 0.68oz

56.00 USD
A little, oil free, anti fatigue eye gelHelps treat puffy, swollen, dry and fatigued eye areaContains alpine stem cells to...

BaborAmpoule Concentrates Hydration Algae Vitalizer (Vitality + Moisture) - For Dull, Dry Skin 7x2ml/0.06oz

Baborampoule Concentrates Hydration Algae Vitalizer , For Dull, Dry Skin 7x2ml, 0.06oz

42.00 USD
A hydrating revitalizing concentrated treatmentBoasts sterile packaging single use ampoules to provide probably the purest form...

BaborAmpoule Concentrates Lift & Firm 3D Firming 7x2ml/0.06oz

Baborampoule Concentrates Lift & Firm 3d Firming 7x2ml, 0.06oz

55.00 USD
A firming concentrated skin treatment for sagging skinBoasts sterile packaging single use ampoules to provide probably the purest...

BaborAmpoule Concentrates Hydration Perfect Glow (Radiance + Moisture) 7x2ml/0.06oz

Baborampoule Concentrates Hydration Perfect Glow 7x2ml, 0.06oz

40.00 USD
A moisturizing and brightening active concentrateContains light reflecting luminizing pigments to create a youthful looking glowFormulated with PerfectionPeptide P3 to...

BaborBabor SPA Energizing Shower Gel 200ml/6.7oz

Baborbabor Spa Energizing Shower Gel 200ml, 6.7oz

30.00 USD
A fragrant, refreshing energizing bath gelFormulated with an exclusive extract of Champagne Pear Stem CellsPromotes a long-lasting fresh...

BaborCLEANSING HY-ÖL - For All Skin Types 200ml/6.3oz

Baborcleansing Hy-Öl, For All Skin Types 200ml, 6.3oz

36.00 USD
A unique bi phase, deep action cleanserContains pure, natural oils derived from soybeans, sesame peanutsHelps carefully nonetheless completely...

BaborShaping For Body - Firming Body Peeling Cream 200ml/6.7oz

Baborshaping For Body, Firming Body Peeling Cream 200ml, 6.7oz

36.00 USD
A silky, gentle body peeling creamContains peeling grains derived from cranberry seeds to remove dead skin cellsRefines the appearance of...

BaborCLEANSING Rose Toning Essence 200ml/6.3oz

Baborcleansing Rose Toning Essence 200ml, 6.3oz

32.00 USD
An alcohol free face tonerContains organic rose extract a detoxifying extract of agrimonia eupatoriaBlended with allantoin, panthenol and...

BaborBabor SPA Shaping Shower Gel 200ml/6.7oz

Baborbabor Spa Shaping Shower Gel 200ml, 6.7oz

33.00 USD
A mild, rejuvenating day shower gelCreates a soft lather to delicately cleanse the bodyFormulated with an exclusive extract of Sorbus...

BaborHSR Lifting Extra Firming Eye Cream 30ml/1oz

Baborhsr Lifting Extra Firming Eye Cream 30ml, 1oz

90.00 USD
A light-weight lifting anti wrinkle eye creamContains HSR Lifting Integral Complex to combat the primary causes of...