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DejavuLasting Fine A Cream Pencil Eyeliner - # Real Black -

Dejavulasting Fine A Cream Pencil Eyeliner, # Real Black -

15.00 USD
A unique pencil eyeliner for defining the eyesSofter compared to a gel pencil type yet longer lasting than a fluid...

DejavuNatural Lasting Eyebrow - Dark Grey -

Dejavunatural Lasting Eyebrow, Dark Grey -

10.00 USD
A double ended, long-lasting browlinerFeatures a waterproof, smudge proof formulaOne end has a creamy pencil which transforms into a powdered...

DejavuLasting Fine Felt Liquid Eyeliner - # Glossy Black 0.91g/0.03oz

Dejavulasting Fine Felt Liquid Eyeliner, # Glossy Black 0.91g, 0.03oz

13.00 USD
A recently improved, long wearing fluid eyelinerContains lash conditioning serum ingredients to supply nutrients from the roots of lashesFeatures a...

DejavuFiberwig Ultra Long Mascara - Pure Black 7.2g/0.25oz

Dejavufiberwig Ultra Long Mascara, Pure Black 7.2g, 0.25oz

18.00 USD
A recently improved, intensely lengthening mascaraDeveloped with Eyelash Film Technology which coats specific lashes in a sleek filmFeatures a smudge...

DejavuLash Up Mascara E1 - # Black -

Dejavulash Up Mascara E1, # Black -

15.00 USD
Smooth fluid extends evenly from the base of lashes to the hair style tipsBuilds an extremely thin film on every...

DejavuLasting Fine Pencil Eyeliner - Dark Brown 0.15g/0.005oz

Dejavulasting Fine Pencil Eyeliner, Dark Brown 0.15g, 0.005oz

15.00 USD
A long-lasting, twist up pencil eyelinerBoasts a super resistant formula to oil, sweats tearsFeatures a silky creamy consistency...