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Dr. HauschkaTinted Day Cream 30ml/1oz

Dr. Hauschkatinted Day Cream 30ml, 1oz

45.00 USD
A tinted working day experience moisturizerAdds a slight, sun-kissed glow to the complexionContains iron oxide mineral pigments that mix imperfections...

Dr. HauschkaEye & Brow Palette - # 01 Stone 5.3g/0.19oz

Dr. Hauschkaeye & Brow Palette, # 01 Stone 5.3g, 0.19oz

45.00 USD
This compact has 4 harmonious shadesGives velvety, matte colors to add depth to the eyesEnriches the eyebrows for a stunning...

Dr. HauschkaQuince Day Cream (For Normal, Dry & Sensitive Skin) 30g/1oz

Dr. Hauschkaquince Day Cream 30g, 1oz

45.00 USD
Incredibly feeds refreshes skinHelps epidermis retains moisture to maintain hydratedProtects skin against harsh environmentally friendly conditionsLightweight...

Dr. HauschkaBlackthorn Toning Body Oil - Warms & Fortifies 75ml/2.5oz

Dr. Hauschkablackthorn Toning Body Oil, Warms & Fortifies 75ml, 2.5oz

29.00 USD
A subtly scented toning body oil treatmentContains blackthorn blossom birch leaf extracts to enhance skin elasticityBlended with sun...

Dr. HauschkaNeem Nail & Cuticle Oil 30ml/1oz

Dr. Hauschkaneem Nail & Cuticle Oil 30ml, 1oz

40.00 USD
A special oil treatment for fingernails cuticlesFormulated with neem leaf extract to strengthen nails and keratin from breakageBlended...

Dr. HauschkaEye Balm 10ml/0.34oz

Dr. Hauschkaeye Balm 10ml, 0.34oz

55.00 USD
A moisturizing revitalizing eye balmFormulated with carrot, anthyllis and calendula to ease fine skinContains apricot kernel oil, beeswax...

Dr. HauschkaRegenerating Body Cream 150ml/5oz

Dr. Hauschkaregenerating Body Cream 150ml, 5oz

46.00 USD
A rich, rapid-dissolving and intensive body moisturizerFormulated with extracts of red clover, horsetail birch leaves Provides antioxidant benefits...

Dr. HauschkaBirch-Arnica Body Oil 75ml/2.5oz

Dr. Hauschkabirch-arnica Body Oil 75ml, 2.5oz

29.00 USD
Promotes health well being of body organismHarmonizes connections among physical, emotional and mental sensesComforts body brings...

Dr. HauschkaNight Serum 20ml/0.6oz

Dr. Hauschkanight Serum 20ml, 0.6oz

48.00 USD
A supreme skin to promote cellular renewal procedures overnightIncredibly revitalizes epidermis to restore its organic balanceOil-free allows skin...

Dr. HauschkaHydrating Foot Cream 75ml/2.5oz

Dr. Hauschkahydrating Foot Cream 75ml, 2.5oz

24.00 USD
An invigorating feet massage treatmentFeature a wealthy, quick-dissolving frothy textureFormulated with Horse Chestnut extract to soothe sexy, sensitive and irritated...

Dr. HauschkaRose Nurturing Bath Essence 100ml/3.4oz

Dr. Hauschkarose Nurturing Bath Essence 100ml, 3.4oz

25.00 USD
A delicately-scented, relieving bath essenceFormulated with rose essential oil, rose petal extract rose flower waterHelps soothe dry...

Dr. HauschkaEye Make-Up Remover 75ml/2.5oz

Dr. Hauschkaeye Make-up Remover 75ml, 2.5oz

20.00 USD
A hundred organic, all-natural eye makeup removerHelps gently purify the sensitive skin in the eye area...