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Edward BessBlack Sea Radiant Lifting Serum 47ml/1.6oz

Edward Bessblack Sea Radiant Lifting Serum 47ml, 1.6oz

85.00 USD
A multi benefit face serumFormulated with marine extracts, supplements mineralsInstantly restores radiance and tone to the complexionVisibly fades...

Edward BessGlossy Rouge For Lips And Cheeks - # Naked Rose 4.05g/0.14oz

Edward Bessglossy Rouge For Lips And Cheeks, # Naked Rose 4.05g, 0.14oz

35.00 USD
This rouge gives a quick flush of color for the lips cheeksCreamy, buttery surface combined with the shine...

Edward BessUltra Slick Lipstick - # Midnight Bloom 3.6g/0.13oz

Edward Bessultra Slick Lipstick, # Midnight Bloom 3.6g, 0.13oz

38.00 USD
With a creamy consistency that glides on effortlesslyOffers sexy luminous colorImparts intense moisture to lipsCreates an ultra sleek...

Edward BessDeep Shine Lip Gloss - # 10 French Lace 5.9ml/0.2oz

Edward Bessdeep Shine Lip Gloss, # 10 French Lace 5.9ml, 0.2oz

35.00 USD
Provides radiant, attractive colorAdds exceptional moisture and luster to lips Provides a premium therapy that shields lipsCreates a full, seductive...

Edward BessAll Over Seduction (Cream Highlighter) - # 01 Sunlight 1.5g/0.05oz

Edward Bessall Over Seduction , # 01 Sunlight 1.5g, 0.05oz

38.00 USD
With an airy, creamy and non-greasy consistency which blends easily onto skinImmediately highlights eyes, lips and cheeks from withinOffers sheer...

Edward BessBlack Sea Precious Pearl Eye Concentrate 24ml/0.8oz

Edward Bessblack Sea Precious Pearl Eye Concentrate 24ml, 0.8oz

125.00 USD
An effective revitalizing eye concentratePowered by precious pearl, nature's finest gem to revitalize tired eyesHarnesses the special light reflecting properties...

Edward BessLuxury Eye Brushes -

Edward Bessluxury Eye Brushes -

40.00 USD
An expertly crafted eye brushHelps perfectly specify intensify the crease or lidMade of hand shaped, natural bristles put...

Edward BessBlush Extraordinaire - # Secret Affair 6g/0.21oz

Edward Bessblush Extraordinaire, # Secret Affair 6g, 0.21oz

43.00 USD
This blush helps uplift the cheeks with a natural flush of colorExtra-fine surface blends into skin seamlesslyGives vivid...

Edward BessMagic Perfecting Powder 12.8g/0.45oz

Edward Bessmagic Perfecting Powder 12.8g, 0.45oz

65.00 USD
An amazing powder which adapts to other skin tonesDelivers a pearlescent finish to diffuse lightweight to facial linesWorks and camouflage...

Edward BessFully Defined Brow Duo - # 02 Rich 0.4g/0.014oz

Edward Bessfully Defined Brow Duo, # 02 Rich 0.4g, 0.014oz

38.00 USD
A must have product which reveals perfect brows in a flashOne end is a brow pencil that delivers full coverage...

Edward BessNatural Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette - # Sunlit Sands 10g/0.35oz

Edward Bessnatural Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette, # Sunlit Sands 10g, 0.35oz

54.00 USD
This palette includes rich, silky eyeshadow colorsIncredibly adds dimension and depth to eyes to enhance the eye colorGives subtle illumination...

Edward BessMarbleized Rose Gold Highlighting Powder 7.2g/0.25oz

Edward Bessmarbleized Rose Gold Highlighting Powder 7.2g, 0.25oz

55.00 USD
A refined powdered with a marbleized blend of 3 coordinated huesLoaded with light enhancing pigments Instantly adds luster to the...