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LaveraBody Wash - Mild Balance (Organic Coconut Milk & Organic Chia Seeds) 200ml/6.6oz

Laverabody Wash, Mild Balance 200ml, 6.6oz

11.00 USD
A hundred certified natural, fragrant balancing body wash Vegan, pH neutral formula gently cleanses skin without...

LaveraNatural Concealer With Q10 - # 01 Ivory 5.5ml/0.19oz

Laveranatural Concealer With Q10, # 01 Ivory 5.5ml, 0.19oz

21.00 USD
Formulated with Q10 lively complicated carefully selected, high-quality organic ingredientsIncludes organic liquorice root extract organic shea...

LaveraSheet Mask - Hydrating (With Organic Cucumber & Glacier Water) 1sheet

Laverasheet Mask, Hydrating 1sheet

10.00 USD
A moisturizing relaxing skin sheet maskThe fleece sheet is made of plant material is hundred...

LaveraDeep Darkness Mascara - # Intense Black 13ml/0.43oz

Laveradeep Darkness Mascara, # Intense Black 13ml, 0.43oz

36.00 USD
Contains mineral colour pigmentsOffers a true strong black colored colour for seductive, cat like lashesExtra large power brush captures even...

LaveraToothpaste (Whitening) - With Bamboo Cellulose Cleaning Particles & Sodium Fluoride 75ml/2.5oz

Laveratoothpaste , With Bamboo Cellulose Cleaning Particles & Sodium Fluoride 75ml, 2.5oz

10.00 USD
A highly effective whitening toothpasteHelps completely cleanse teeth gently removes plaqueFormulated with an active component of bamboo cellulose...

LaveraSo Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder - # 01 Charming Rose 5g/0.2oz

Laveraso Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder, # 01 Charming Rose 5g, 0.2oz

24.00 USD
A velvety mineral cheek powderContains special nutrients which add a soft shimmer to the cheek bonesFormulated with organic oils from...

LaveraTooth Gel Neutral 75ml/2.5oz

Laveratooth Gel Neutral 75ml, 2.5oz

10.00 USD
A tooth gel for very sensitive teeth gumsContains natural cleansing agents sea salt to gently remove...

LaveraNatural Concealer - # 01 Ivory 6.5ml/0.2oz

Laveranatural Concealer, # 01 Ivory 6.5ml, 0.2oz

25.00 USD
An organic, frothy nourishing concealerFeatures a built in brush applicator for natural and accurate coverageContains carefully selected, high quality ingredients...

LaveraEye Make-up Remover 125ml/4.1oz

Laveraeye Make-up Remover 125ml, 4.1oz

13.00 USD
Helps thoroughly and mildly say goodbye to makeup from the delicate eye areaEnriched with an unique blend of oils...

LaveraNeutral Body Lotion 200ml/6.7oz

Laveraneutral Body Lotion 200ml, 6.7oz

30.00 USD
An organic, quick dissolving moisturizing body lotionFormulated with organic oils of olive, sunflower evening primroseReplenishes epidermis with fatty...

LaveraTinted Moisturising Cream 3 In 1 - # 00 Ivory Rose 30ml/1oz

Laveratinted Moisturising Cream 3 In 1, # 00 Ivory Rose 30ml, 1oz

20.00 USD
Combines 24 hour moisture, skincare color Rich in nutrients, nutrients Vitamin EThe delicate color adapts exactly...

LaveraBody Wash - Happy Freshness Organic Lime & Organic Lemongrass) 200ml/6.6oz

Laverabody Wash, Happy Freshness Organic Lime & Organic Lemongrass) 200ml, 6.6oz

11.00 USD
A hundred certified natural, delightful and fragrant body washVegan, pH neutral formula gently cleanses skin without any drying...