Edible 4x4cm 30 Sheets Gold Leaf Pure 24K 999/1000 Face Mask

Smartin Edible 4x4cm 30 Sheets Gold Leaf Pure 24k 999, 1000 Face Mask

20.44 USD

 - Makes skin feel and look softer softer

 - Help prevent premature aging

 Specifications Title gold / pure gold or genuine gold Material 24K gold Gold ninety eight Size 4cm 4cm thirty pieces Gold Foil, Leaf of pure gold 100

 - Look younger almost immediately

 - Reduces the physical appearance of the sun damage

 - Decelerates collagen depletion

 24k gold mask lifts and firms the skin of yours to lessen the look of facial lines, lines and brighten the skin

 - Fights off damaging no-cost radicals

 Gold gilds lids, cheeks, lips or decollete with an opaque, foiled, other usages and golden luminosity Package includes thirty x three 3cm 24K Gold leaf Benefits of Victorian Gold Spa - Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles

 - Defines the real human ageing process

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