Eyelash Curler To Make Your Eyelashes Larger

Mohte Berli Eyelash Curler To Make Your Eyelashes Larger

18.31 USD

 Without using a lot of pressure, lightly in close proximity the curler in the base of the lash, making certain to stay away from tugging or pulling

 Make sure the curler is as close to the base of the lashes as possible

 Eyelash Curler To Make The Eyelashes of yours Larger This innovative eyelash curler has an unique curved design which fits most eye styles

 Hold for several seconds to curl the lash

 Open the eyelash curler and place eyelashes in between the 2 eyelash pads

 The silicone rubber pads apply the appropriate pressure to curl lashes naturally for an ideal shape all day

 Add a layer of your preferred mascara to establish the curl

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