Fabulous 100% Oxygen Plasma

Knutek Fabulous 100% Oxygen Plasma

110.20 USD

 Please Note kNutek has transformed out of the blue bottle to the brown bottle Ingredients Oxygen Plasma - Powerful anti irritant

 They're labeled with the skin Care By Suzie logo, All pro sizes will be sold under the new LIV by kNutek and the new item title Oxygen Plasma Reduces wrinkles and lines, treats irregular skin complaints and beautifies the epidermis

 It reduces the epidermis area temperature to help protect the skin from sun burn

 Oxygen is transported by it to tissues and triggers development of elastin and collagen

 It mimics the bloods ability to carry active substances and oxygen into cells

 Oxygen Plasma Under exclusive contract with kNutek Skin Care By Suzie is able to distribute initial kNutek products in the original names and formula

 It's anti irritant, anti inflammatory as well as healing behavior

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