Face Palette and Angled Brush

Mohte Showroom Face Palette And Angled Brush

19.90 USD

 A beauty blogger favorite, the Shine and Highlight palette is ideal for both professionals and beginners, and is perfect for pretty much all skin types

 Brush ten Colour Shine Contour Palette Face Palette and one Angled Brush Achieve an ultra defined and sculpted look with Shine and Highlight shades that work with all the skin tones and blend to some seamless shadow

 This velvety smooth formula is a pressed facial powder that allows for gentle program with serious color payoff

 Add a glowing radiance and lift the cheekbones of yours with the shimmer highlight

 To Highlight Cheekbones Select highlight shade less heavy compared to the one used-to highlight nose and apply directly along the excessive point of the cheekbone, blend effectively

 Ingredients Talc, Mica, Magnesium Stearate

 The way To Use To Highlight Nose Select a highlighter shade less heavy compared to the own skin firmness of yours and use in a vertical line around the bridge of the nose and blend

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