Facial Moisturizing Spray Portable Nano Mist Spray

Fenam Facial Moisturizing Spray Portable Nano Mist Spray

46.37 USD

 Control the working time automatically

 Electric nano spray with ultra high frequency of 140KHz, can make the effective component to small nano meter particles for heavy moisturizing six

 Slip design, no button, use easily Water tank sizing 37mm L x 30

 Spray thirty seconds each time, stop spraying automatically following thirty seconds four

 Chargeable nano spray with USB cable, use period full charge battery about hundred times seven

 2w Battery 550mA/H Li poly battery Charging voltage DC5V/500mA 1000mA Charging current 300mA Spray volume 1ml/min

 Skin Moisturizing Spray Perfect Portable Nano Mist Spray Highlights Facial Moisturizing Spray Perfect Nano Mist Product Details one

 5mm W x 10mm H Water Capacity 7ml Power 1

 Make the liquid within the water tank into nano scale mist, which is easier being absorbed by skin two

 Keep the skin, hair moist any period in anywhere three

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