Grown AlchemistDetox Toner - Hydrolyzed Algin, Peptide-33 & Rhodiola Rosea Extract 100ml/3.38oz

Grown Alchemist Detox Toner, Hydrolyzed Algin, Peptide-33 & Rhodiola Rosea Extract 100ml, 3.38oz

58.00 USD

 An advanced non irritating detoxifying skin tonerPowered by Peptide 33 active to detoxify skin of free radicals repair skin cells Reduces the look of facial lines wrinklesContains Hydrolyzed Algin, a powerful removal from Kelp rich in detoxifying Vitamin A, mineral nutrients anti oxidants Penetrates skin to remove toxins noticeably prevents damage to amino acidsBlended with Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract to stimulate production and microcirculation of collagen elastinProtects skin out of environmental stressors leading to early agingEnhanced with Panax Ginseng Root Extract to promote creation of good skin cellsSkin appears firmer, smoother, softer, more elastic toned

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