Hygenia's Organic Mist

Memento Mori La Hygenia's Organic Mist

14.00 USD

 She was in control of sanitation and the way to live a long life preventive medication

 Hygieia was a young goddess, child and chief attendant to Asklepios, the god of medicine

 This spray won't merely clean and protect the hands of yours but offer energetic and spiritual protection as well!!! This enchanted Hand Sanitize with III Crows Crossroads is so named for Hygieia - the old Greek goddess of health

 She additionally had 2 other medical sisters Panacea 'Cure-All' Iaso and 'Remedy'

 Available in a two ounce bottle for fourteen dolars default or even a four ounce bottle for twenty dolars

 Guard from not only bad juju but bad germs with this dual action spray! This hundred natural spray uses the ancient power of herbs and plants that have been scientifically proven to battle kill bacteria

 We also have some Vitamin E to sooth the hands

 Tea Tree oil kills germs while Lavender and Rosemary sanitize

Brand: Memento Mori La, buy Memento Mori LA