Lagunamoon 24K Gold Facial Mask 8.8 oz Gold Face Mask for Anti Aging Anti

Lagunamoon 24k Gold Facial Mask 8.8 Oz Gold Face Mask For Anti Aging Anti

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 Lagunamoon 24K Gold Facial Mask is a superb anti aging anti wrinkle formula with powerful ingredients which help in reducing signs of aging firming and brightening up the skin of yours

 Our 24k gold mask is uniquely formulated as a 4-in-1 solution hydrating, brightening, intensive firming and repairing

 Help maintain skin youthfulness reduce toxins which cause skin to sag 2

 Lagunamoon 24K Gold Facial Mask 8

 8 oz Gold Face Mask for Anti Aging Anti-aging Facial Treatment Pore Minimizer, Acne Scar Treatment Blackhead Remover 250g, Brighten The skin Ingredients Aqua water ,glutamic acid, ceramide1, hydrolyzed collagen, glycerin, alchemilla vulgaris extract, Aloe ferox leaf extract, Hamamelis virginiana witch hazel extract, centella asiatica extract, trehalose, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E Tocopherol ,xanthan gum, fragrance, gold Advantages 1

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