LaneigeLayering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base - No. 21 Beige 16.5g/0.55oz

Laneige Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base, No. 21 Beige 16.5g, 0.55oz

33.00 USD

 Layering Concealing Base 1x and cover Cushion Layering Cover Cushion - No

 083ozAn innovative 2 step cosmetics combining cushion with concealerStep one Concealing Base offers high coverage long-lasting effectHelps cover pores blemishes while evening out skin textureHarnesses Aqua Melting Technology which makes the formula to melt softly by the pressure of cushion skin temperatureProtects skin against damaging sunrays with SPF 50 PA Step two Layering Cover Cushion for rose toned epidermis coloringContains Illuminating Jewel Powder to make a pink lighting effect for a revitalized complexionUses Water Capture System for cosmetics epidermis protectionDelivers a moisture charged, soothing and cooling impact to skin with every tapProtects skin against damaging sunrays with SPF thirty four PA Gives a soft, perfect, hydro-radiant and semi-matte finishIncludes a unique 2-way puff applicator for Layering Cover Cushion

Brand: Laneige, buy Laneige