OriginsDr. Andrew Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion 50ml/1.7oz

Origins Dr. Andrew Mega-mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion 50ml, 1.7oz

68.00 USD

 A weightless soothing hydrating lotionContains the signature ingredients of Hypsizygus Ulmarius, Reishi and Cordyceps Mushrooms, Ginger, Holy and turmeric Basil Fortified with Narcissus Lily Bulb to shield skin from outside aggressorsProvides relieving, nourishing and comforting advantages Noticeably minimizes awareness and redness while consolidating skin's barrierSkin appears calmer, softer, stronger, better refreshedIdeal for reactive and sensitive skinFree of parabens, sulfates, man-made dyes and man-made fragrances

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