Psychic Eye   Perfume Roll On oil for opening third eye, increase psychic awareness, prophetic dreams, chakra, clairvoyance, sixth sense

Joie Joelle Creations Psychic Eye Perfume Roll On Oil For Opening Third Eye, Increase Psychic Awareness, Prophetic Dreams, Chakra, Clairvoyance, Sixth Sense

10.00 USD

 Great for sensitive skin as all perfumes don't include some alcohol

 Great to go with and rub it on where the third eye of yours is

 All perfumes oils are produced with a fusion of avocado fractionated engine oil and jojoba oil making your skin feeling very soft when used and creates a nice long lasting scent on your skin

 This oil is scented with genuine essential oils of Lemongrass, Nutmeg and Bay

 If you choose to where this just before foundation, its easy to have prophetic dreams as many individuals have experienced this when using it right before they rest

 It is a great way to enhance the awareness of yours

 This formulation is pretty strong that you may want to put it on during the day

 All perfume oils are 1/3 oz Finally, do understand that when you've placed the ordered, established the order of yours, THE SALE Would be FINAL

 It does make an awakening effect you are able to feel

 Psychic Eye helps open up your third eye to heighten the clairvoyance of yours

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