Shu UemuraEye Foil Liquid Eye Shadow - # Dark Bronze (Unboxed) 5.4ml/0.18oz

Shu Uemura Eye Foil Liquid Eye Shadow, # Dark Bronze 5.4ml, 0.18oz

32.00 USD

 A metallic liquid eyeshadowFresh oil-in-water formula provides a quick watery feeling on the eyesSilky oil texture and consistency actually leaves a lasting foil like veil on skinDeveloped with double polymer technology for long lasting wearThe rigid polymer provides a strong, solid film for resilient wear The gentle polymer is a flexible movie which conforms to movementInfused with minimal fillers to achieve pure, intense colorEmbellishes the eyes in chromatic styles with the luster of jewelryAvailable in various shades for matchingThe quality of this particular unboxed merchandise is as genuine and fresh as the original packing

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