SNPExtra Repairing Mask With 3GF - Skin Strengthening Program (For All Skin Types) 6x27ml/0.91oz

Snp Extra Repairing Mask With 3gf, Skin Strengthening Program 6x27ml, 0.91oz

24.00 USD

 An intensive strengthening and repairing skin sheet maskMade with a close contact, heavy weave, transparent fabric Extra light surface adheres perfectly to skin into facial lines curvesDelivers the active ingredients evenly throughout every aspect of the facePowered by 6 types of peptides natural moisturizing factorHelps instantly soothe, deeply moisturizes revitalizes skinImproves general skin's condition while building up its baseLeaves skin very soft, plump, dewy, youthful and balanced lookingPerfect for pretty much all skin typesDermatologist-tested

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