So Well Essential Health Boosting Natural Foot Soak (11 oz)

So Well Llc So Well Essential Health Boosting Natural Foot Soak

25.20 USD

 Extremely concentrated, only 1 teaspoon is needed

 Our soothing soak unites pure antibacterial Himalayan Crystal Salt, recognized for the rich mineral content material of its, with odor neutralizing apple cider vinegar and a trio of healing essential oils prized for the antifungal strength of theirs

 Directions Dissolve under running comfortable bathwater, slip your foot in and rejuvenate

 Rejuvenate hard working legs while keeping them itch and odor free, obviously

 Since our legs take in and give off toxins all day, Immune Boosting Foot soak is also developed with antioxidant rich green tea and ginger to help your body's natural detoxification procedure while optimizing immune response

 The essentials of ours are passionately made by Dana, a mother as well as so much more, that has lovingly handcrafted natural remedies

Brand: So Well Llc, buy So Well LLC