Sun-In With Lemon, Spray-In Hair Lightner 4.7 Oz .-  Worldwide shipping

Original Sun-in With Lemon, Spray-in Hair Lightner 4.7 Oz .- Worldwide Shipping

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 Sun In With Lemon, Spray In Hair Lightner, 4

 Sun-in conditioners are lightweight and will not weigh hair down, leaving it smoother, chock-full body, and more workable

 Brunettes lighten up and also appear sun bronzed and kissed by the sun

 Sun-In has an enhanced training system to pamper the hair of yours as it highli

 Special illuminators give hair an extra healthy serving of glow for a sexy and bright look

 The advanced training process of Sun in, with botanical extracts such as Aloe, Marigold, Flaxseed and Chamomile, pampers your hair as it lightens

 Additional spray in products use alcohol which can dry the hair of yours and may lead to split ends

 It is easy to use and gradually lightens hair while you unwind in the sun or use a hair dryer

 Sun In brings out your natural highlights the same as the sun - only faster! Lightens and brightens blonde hair - making it blonder

 Very best of all, you control how light you go! Each time you make use of Sun in the hair of yours gets lighter and brighter

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