Yves Rocher - Gel Effect Top Coat - Couleurs Nature

Yves Rocher, Gel Effect Top Coat, Couleurs Nature

15.00 USD

 Usage test conducted with a panel of hundred one females over a 7 day period

 Toluene free, formaldehyde free, camphor free

 The Plus a formula enriched with Elemi gum that's easy to apply and dries quickly

 Enhanced by the revolutionary surface, any style can be transformed the style is much more attractive and sparkle is multiplied

 Yves Rocher - All the beauty and use of gel, in your home

 Result the shine and attractiveness of gel on nails

 Looking for a brillant gel like finish Treat yourself to the ultimate nail polish experience with the Gel Effect Top Coat

 90 of females noted which the shine of the nail polish lasted more than with a traditional best coat

 In one brushstroke, fingernails are smoothed as well as painted to perfection with a gel like finish

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